West Michigan Hockey Transportation

This page is about transporting hockey teams. If you're looking to take a bus to see the Red Wings, click here!

Breathe life into your hockey team's travels! Affordable Limousine has the vehicles to make your next traveling game a great experience.

We've assembled a number of vehicles below that we've found work well for traveling longer distances with hockey equipment. If you find a vehicle that you'd like to use for your next trip, whether it be out of state or on the other side of town, call us in the office at 616-299-1812 and we'll check availability, get you an accurate quote, and book the trip.

45 Passenger Luxury Limo Coach

More information about the 45 passenger Luxury Limo Coach

With a maximum seating capacity of 45, this bus has the extra room you need for the team. An on-board restroom and ample under-belly storage demonstrates no lack of function, but the real treat is in the form. The interior features limousine style seating around the perimeter of the vehicle, a premium sound system, lighting effects and more. Book it now and be ready to celebrate your win the whole trip home.

45-2 Passenger Luxury Limo Coach

More information about the 45-2 passenger Luxury Limo Coach

Also a limo coach, our 45-2 passenger Luxury Limo Coach offers similar ammenities. On-board restroom, premium sound, plush perimeter (limousine style) seating, a rear VIP area, and lighting effects will make the trip fun. Under-belly storage for hockey equipment and more seating than you need means your needs will be met.

40 Passenger Luxury Limo Bus

More information about the 40 passenger Luxury Limo Bus

Our 40 passenger Luxury Limo bus features limousine style "perimeter" seating, an impressive sound system, and fun lighting effects. There's storage in the rear of the vehicle that can accommodate most hockey teams' equipment and plenty of room in the passenger area for your team and coaches.

31 Passenger Executive Shuttle Bus

More information about our 31 passenger Executive Shuttle Bus

Excellent for longer trips, our 31 passenger Executive Shuttle Bus has 31 forward facing cloth seats with armrests. In the rear of the vehicle there is a large storage compartment with ample room for your team's gear and baggage. There is further storage overhead in the passenger area. Prepare a DVD for your team to watch in preparation for the game on the onboard DVD entertainment system with multiple monitors.

Other Hockey Team Transportation Options

We have 25 vehicles in our fleet. If the vehicles on this page aren't what you're looking for, check out the rest of our fleet and see if there is a better option. Or give us a call at 616-299-1812 and see what else we can do for you!