Our 27 passenger trolley is unique, even amongst the trolleys. With a red exterior, the seating is primarily forward facing with one bench at the front of the vehicle that faces sideways toward the entrance. The seats are padded with a faux wood covering. At the rear of the vehicle is a politician's platform (open air area). Though it seats 27, it has all the brass bars and leather straps to accommodate more people standing.

IMPORTANT: The politicians' platform at the rear of the vehicle can only be used when the vehicle is stopped, moving slowly on private property, or in a parade; we cannot drive around town or on the highway with occupants on the politician's platform.

Premium Sound System No, but there is a stereo 
Color-change LED lighting Yes
Can I stand up in this vehicle? Yes 
Seating Capacity 27 + standing room
Comfortably Seats 25
Ice Wells No. We will provide a cooler with ice.
Bar Area No
Limousine style "wrap around" seating No. Most seats face foward with one sideways bench.
Restroom No
Storage area No