Grand Rapids/West Michigan Wedding Shuttles

Shuttling wedding guests, and the logistics involved in it, can be a daunting task. Unfortunately, many people will leave wedding guest shuttling as an afterthought in the wedding planning process when having your wedding guests in the right place at the right time is a pivotal part of the event. Rely on our experience with wedding shuttle service in Grand Rapids, Lansing, and the lakeshore areas (Holland, South Haven, Muskegon, Saint Joseph, etc) to create a plan to make sure you and your guests are where you need to be at the right time.

Some considerations when shuttling wedding guests include:

  • Have you included enough travel time to move your guests on time?
  • Will there be special events in the area that will effect travel time?
  • Will you be shuttling the same number of guests to the reception and back?
  • Does your venue not allow guests to be present before a certain time?
  • How will your family and friends get to and from the rehearsal dinner?
  • If people leave their car at the reception to avoid drunk driving, how will they retrieve their vehicle in the morning?

We'll tackle all of these questions and more to provide a comprehensive transportation scenario and make sure that you and all of your family and friends are where they need to be safely and comfortably.

We have many vehicles in our fleet, but we've consolidated them below into a list of our vehicles that work best for shuttle service at your wedding. Please look through our options, see the rates they rent for, and then request a quote online or call us in the office at 616-299-1812 to discuss the particulars of your wedding and create a package that covers all of your wedding shuttling needs.

Wedding Shuttles

Our shuttles are perfect for making multiple trips over short to medium distances in rotation to move a lot of people in an efficient manner. The seating capacities cannot be exceeded.

17 Passenger Executive Shuttle Bus

More information about the 17 passenger Executive Shuttle Bus

Our 17 passenger Executive Shuttle Bus is simple and effective. It has 17 forward facing cloth seats and storage in the rear of the vehicle, accessible from the outside.

23 Passenger Executive Shuttle Bus

More information about our 23 passenger Executive Shuttle Bus

The 23 passenger shuttle has more room for people and more storage in the rear. It also features forward facing cloth seats. There is the option of a 24th seat up next to the driver in the passenger's seat.


Trolleys are a very advantageous method of wedding guest shuttling. They:

  • Have seating for 25-30 passengers
  • Can accommodate greater than their seating capacity with standing room
  • Some have multiple doors to allow wedding guests to enter and exit the vehicle more quickly
  • Bring a degree of class and charm to your event

25 Passenger Trolley #25

More information about our 25 passenger Trolley #25

This trolley seats 25 people and can accommodate more than 25 with brass bars and straps to hold onto while standing. It has festive lighting effects and a premium sound system.

25 Passenger Trolley #27

More information about our 25 passenger Trolley #27

Similar to the #25 trolley, our #27 Trolley has wooden seats in a mixture of forward facing and perimeter seating facing to the side. It also has lighting effects and a premium sound system.

30 Passenger Trolley #31

More information about our 30 passenger Trolley #31

Our 30 passenger Trolley has all wooden, forward facing seating. It can also have people standing for a total capacity greater than 30, though it's only comfortable for shorter trips such as in town wedding shuttling. It has a premium sound system, heating and air conditioning. We run all of our trolleys year round.

Take a look at our pricing and give us a call at 616-299-1812 or request a quote online.