The 24 Passenger Executive Shuttle Bus is almost exactly the same as our 20 Passenger Executive Shuttle Bus. It features cloth, high-back, reclining seats with armrests and 3 point seatbelts, an entertainment system, and a smooth, comfortable ride.


This vehicle has 2 possible configurations. It has a removeable storage area at the rear of the vehicle. If the storage area is installed (to accommodate luggage other than the overhead storage), the seating capacity is 20 passengers. If the rear storage area is uninstalled, it can be replaced with 4 more seats for a total seating capacity of 24. The configuration will need to be chosen prior to your trip; it cannot be changed mid-trip.

Premium Sound System Yes 
Color-change LED lighting No
Can I stand up in this vehicle? Yes 
Seating Capacity 20 or 24
Comfortably Seats 20 or 24
Ice Wells No. We will provide a cooler with ice, if needed. 
Bar Area No
Limousine style "wrap around" seating No. Forward facing cloth seats with seatbelts.
Restroom No
Storage area Yes. Large storage area in the rear of the vehicle that cannot be accessed when the vehicle is in motion, as well as overhead interior storage.

24 Passenger Executive Shuttle Bus