Grand Rapids/West Michigan Trolley Rentals

Affordable Limousine has trolleys! All of our trolleys are fully enclosed and have heat and air conditioning. Trolleys are a charming addition to weddings, brewery tours, or company outings. Due to their seating capacity and easy-on, easy-off design, they also work very well for shuttling guests at weddings, corporate events, and any other time large numbers of people need to be moved with style, efficiency, and a little bit of rustic charm.

Below you'll find all of our trolleys. See if one or more of them are well suited for your event and then give us a call at 616-299-1812 to check availability, get a quote, and book a reservation.

Are the trolleys not quite what you wanted? We have about 50 vehicles in our fleet. Let us know if something else works better for you.

24 Passenger Trolley

More information about the 24 passenger Trolley with 3D virtual tour

Where modern meets the days of old, you'll find this beautiful white trolley. Our 24 passenger trolley is built on a new chassis and rides smoothly and comfortably, but still has the appeal that you're looking for when you book a trolley. It has seating for 24 and can accommodate some standing room. This trolley works perfectly for small to medium sized wedding parties, brewery tours, and guest/employee shuttling.

25 Passenger Trolley #25-2

More information about the 25 passenger Trolley #25-2

Very similar to the #25 Trolley above, our 25 passenger Trolley #25-2 has small differences in seating arrangement. Some seats face to the side and some toward the front. It still has all the charm, a trolley bell, wooden seats, and two sets of doors.

27 Passenger Trolley

More information about the 27 passenger Trolley with 3D virtual tour

Similar to the two previous trolleys, our 27 passenger trolley has all wooden seating in a variety of configurations - some forward facing and some sideways.

27 Passenger Trolley #27-3

More information about our 27 passenger Trolley #27-3 with 3D virtual tour

Great for the holiday season or wedding themes that have some red in theme, this 27 passenger trolley is very similar to our other 25 and 27 passenger trolleys, but features a red exterior.

30 Passenger Trolley

More information about the 30 passenger Trolley

A newer addition to our fleet, the 30 passenger Trolley is a different style of trolley. It features forward facing gray cloth seats, one wooden, sideways facing bench seat, brass bars and straps for standing room, heating and air conditioning, and plenty of room for your group. The exterior is blue and cream in color.

See a trolley or two that you'd like to use in your event? You can request a quote online or call us in the office at 616-299-1812 to get accurate pricing information, discuss the specifics of the trolleys, and book your reservation.