Detroit Sporting Events


Our Detroit Sporting Event pricing is based on an 11 hour day and a pick up and drop off in the greater Grand Rapids area. If you'd like us to pick you up outside of the greater Grand Rapids area, we'll gladly do that, but a travel fee may be added. We'll pick your group up 4 hours before the start of the game, which allows for plenty of time to get to Detroit (restroom stops, traffic, etc.). The game generally goes for 3 hours. We bring your group back with the remaining 4 hours.

EXAMPLE: Sundays, the Tigers usually play starting at 1pm. We'll pick you up at 9am and head towards Detroit, stopping at rest areas as needed so your group can use the restroom or smoke (we don't allow smoking or vaporizers in our vehicles). The rest areas on the way to Detroit are well spaced for a group that is drinking alcoholic beverages. We find that groups that are drinking generally need a restroom break every half hour to 45 minutes. We'll then arrive at the stadium anywhere from noon to 12:45 PM, assuming there were no substantial delays on the trip over. This gives you some time to get comfortable in the stadium and find your seats.

The game will generally last 3 hours.

After the game, your group comes back to our vehicle, which will be in a pre-determined place, agreed upon by you and your chauffeur. Once we're sure everyone from your group is back on the vehicle, we'll start the trip back to where we picked you up, again stopping as needed for restroom/smoke breaks. If everything goes according to plan, we'll return to your original location by 8:00 PM.